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BLLA Member Benefits

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Investors are increasingly realizing the benefits of owning an independent or boutique/lifestyle hotel.

Independent hotels maintain higher average daily rates; ramp-up and open more quickly; give owners great flexibility; and more importantly, demonstrate increased profitability and value when compared with large branded properties. A membership in BLLA assists these efforts.

Members of BLLA Benefits Review:

Through BLLA, members can find expert resources to address any of their needs, including: architects, interior designers as well as food, beverage and laundry design and purchasing consultants. Many of the top global hospitality suppliers are members of the association and thus, available to connect with BLLA hotels.

Business Promotion through:

  • Inclusion in an optimized booking engine with enhancement opportunities
  • Business listing in the only comprehensive directory of boutique properties
  • A “Certified Boutique" program for members structured around specific criteria. (Hotels that pass inspection will receive a “Certified” designation in the booking engine.)
  • Inclusion in an optimized booking engine with enhancement opportunities
  • An exclusive contract with a major online industry wire service focusing on boutique and lifestyle hotel news
  • A Boutique Rate Plan opportunity in GDS for agent bookings
  • Distribution and agency loyalty for the luxury segment of the booking professionals who select accommodations based on individuality, luxury and service
  • Exposure to target markets

Industry access to:

  • Specialized network, education, insight and resources for boutique lodging
  • Conferences and local and regional hospitality events
  • Industry intelligence from daily news feed, widely distributed boutique properties magazine and regular blogs
  • PR and search engine optimization benefits
  • Insider knowledge from veterans of the boutique lodging industry
  • Participation in BLLA’s partnership with the leader in the industry for “Green” certification that will offer special privileges for members
  • A secret detective checking out specific information to which only members will be privy
  • An insider list of high net-worth booking professionals
  • Booking professionals who fit a boutique property’s profile
  • Online networking and educational opportunities via forums and webinars
  • White papers, member listing listings, member blogs and v-logs

Industry Advancement

  • An awards program tied into the main conferences, acknowledging exceptional achievements in our industry (Winners will be featured on the site and gain worldwide recognition from press and through other PR event.)
  • Unwavering commitment to the industry segment through PR and goodwill
  • Ongoing communication among members via emails, blogs and trade shows

Networking Opportunities:

Networking is one of the most valuable benefits of the Boutique Lodging & Lifestyle Association. The BLLA brings together diverse people around the world who share a common interest in the advancement of the boutique and lifestyle sector of the hotel and hospitality industry.

Networking opportunities include both online and offline venues in all parts of the world. Many of these events are in connection with important lodging conferences and gatherings attended by professionals central to the hospitality industry.

Members will be invited to compete for annual awards and earn recognition for notable accomplishments in the boutique lodging industry. This prestigious acknowledgement will positively transfer over to the booking engine along with considerable promotion of your property.

Corporate Exposure and Industry Recognition:

Complimentary listing in BLLA’s online directory and buyer’s guide accompanies membership to the association. Within this exclusive directory, members can uncover fellow members by various categories, including name, company name as well as services and products offered by each member property.

New members will be highlighted in optimized (link to SEO definition) press releases as well as in the streaming News on the association’s homepage. Exceptional individuals and companies will be highlighted in an exclusive area of the site and recognized in both the electronic newsletter and the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Magazine.

Valuable Discounts:

BLLA members are entitled to special offerings and discounts on everything from conferences and exhibitor space to webinars, seminars, and promotions on the association’s booking engine.

The BLLA will also continuously negotiate exclusive discounts for members on many valuable items, including economies of scale. We recommend checking our discounts page frequently for updates.

BLLA Exclusive Members List & Self Promotion:

In addition to the members-only directory, we also suggest you proudly communicate your BLLA membership status on your website. By placing the logo on your website and other collateral, you confirm your commitment to this profound industry association and signal to travelers and industry professionals our admirable values and standards.

Professional and Personal Resources:

Behind every great boutique and lifestyle property is a creative and enthusiastic crew that strives to improve the property every day. BLLA is devoted to these people!

We’re here to aid in your mission to make your property the best it can be. Improve your personal and professional skill set and boutique lodging success through:

  • White papers, webinars, guides, educational programs and other promotional ideas and resources
  • Individualized and collaborative marketing strategies as well as tactical ideas such as trade shows, newsletters, publications, websites, co-marketing, cross-marketing, alliances, brand building and support
  • On and off-line events providing boutique-specific information to BLLA members along with networking opportunities and an environment for active brainstorming
  • Logistical and operational support
  • Current design and architecture ideas and support
  • Industry initiatives with our automatic electronic notification system
  • Updated tips and news
  • Business development support and counsel
  • Job listings both for those seeking positions in the industry, as well as those looking for strong candidates

Target Audience Access:

BLLA offers its member properties both B2B and B2C marketing and promotion.

BLLA is specifically designed to provide its members with the ways and means to reach their number-one targeted customers: people visiting site to book their vacations and leisure activities; business travelers arranging their lodging and itineraries; or travel professionals and leaders arranging plans for conferences and groups.

As the place to find and book boutique hotel stays, property members have direct access to their target audience: boutique travelers. The BLLA offers information, research tools and a booking engine to travelers specifically interested in boutique and lifestyle properties. It also provides valuable information for travelers who are unclear or unsure of what boutique properties actually are, allowing them to understand our sector of properties in order to make a well-informed decision about their stay.

Additionally, travel agents,  corporate planners, media, suppliers and other members of the industry all receive regular BLLA newsletters covering industry trends, partnerships, business development and educational opportunities as well as destination marketing and member features. We offer BLLA members the option to purchase custom and exclusive e-blasts to these groups directly.

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