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The Boutique Lodging & Lifestyle Association (BLLA) is the first organization to unite independent boutique and lifestyle property owners and the suppliers that sustain them to give them the opportunity to successfully compete on a level playing field with suppliers of major hotel companies, and market themselves to meet the ever-increasing demand from discerning boutique-seeking clients.

As suppliers and vendors to the hospitality industry, there is no better place, or more efficient way, to directly connect with your target customers in need of your products or services. BLLA provides many opportunities for you to present the benefits of your company both online and off to an audience of your number-one prospects— some of the world’s top boutique and lifestyle properties.

Our boutique and lifestyle members consist of properties that meet the following criteria:

  • Boutique: <100 rooms
  • Lifestyle: <300 rooms
  • Must have a distinctive design, style and atmosphere and on-site food and beverage service

BLLA members enjoy ongoing access to an ever-growing menu of important networking and information tools. Our services for members include: providing advice; hosting events; promoting your business; sharing access to research papers, webinars and industry reports as well as a whole host of helpful and practical education and business development resources. Suppliers and other members gain invaluable tools to build, expand and maintain their companies while gaining knowledge about new and existing properties around the world and working toward becoming a valuable resource.

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