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Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Consulting Services

Expert Consulting and Evaluation Services for Boutique and Lifestyle Hotels

BLLA provides unbiased hands-on project evaluation and management expertise for your property. Some of the consulting services we provide for boutique and lifestyle hotels as well as other properties are listed below in detail.


Transition from brand affiliation to boutique free-standing assets. Providing expertise during the pre-termination notice phase as well as the actual handover, as it relates to the Sales and Marketing discipline. The services encompass:

  • Unbiased assessment of Budget deliverables 
  • Implementation of preventive measurements to protect property’s brand integrity and maintain customer loyalty in case of future separation or post-contractual relationships 
  • Orchestration of high-impact promotions to build momentum and maximize exposure during the product launch
  • Evaluation of the current lift from various revenue channels 
  • Detailed distribution cost comparison, inclusive of Interface and Upgrade requirements
  • Assistance with the terms of property management and Sales Contact Software contracts 
  • Branding rights and liabilities strategies 
  • Evaluations of the overall sales and marketing efficiencies of the management company

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