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Who Do Suppliers Reach?

Who Do Suppliers Reach?

  • Operators of boutique, lifestyle, or design-based properties
  • Representation, marketing and management companies
  • Brand developers and managers
  • Investors, developers and suppliers
  • Universities and hospitality-related institutions


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2015 Conferences: (tentative)
June 3                     New York - - Boutique Hotel Investment Conference
January 28              Los Angeles - - Executive Women’s Network Conference
October 21-23        Los Angeles - - Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Symposium

Boutique Terminology & Definitions

Boutique properties are intimate, distinctive, quirky, cutting-edge, avant-garde, trendy, funky, classic, and luxurious. They go by different names to express their unique amenities: lifestyle hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, villas, boutique resorts, boutique hotels, spa hotels, wellness hotels, designer hotels, signature hotels, or trendy hotels, to name only a few. What makes them stand out in the hotel and hospitality industry is their incredible attention to detail and distinct qualities.

These boutiques can be found in the surf, safari, or the city. Travelers can find them near wineries, world heritage sites, or in the country. Boutiques are often frequented by the sophisticate, the artist, the politico and all those travelers who have a taste for something different.

When “Googling” “boutique” gets you 268,000,000 sites (yes, that’s 268 million), and “boutique hotels” gets you 32,700,000 sites. as such, it is difficult to discern a difference.

The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) serves as the place where industry professionals work together to collaborate on definitions and terminology to clear up and eliminate confusion within our industry’s vernacular by agreeing upon their meanings.

The Boutique Lodging Glossary of Terms below will eventually be decided upon by the membership. This is a brief starting point.

Boutique Hotel

A term to describe intimate, usually luxurious or quirky and upscale hotel environments for a very particular clientele.

Lifestyle Hotel

A property that combines living elements and activities into functional design giving guests the opportunity to explore the experience they desire.

Luxury Boutique Hotel

An extremely luxurious hotel environment created to express unique lifestyle experiences that are synonymous with health and wellness.

Trendy or Modern Hotels

These top hotels strive to have special experiences in properties that have a unique design, exclusive restaurants and become notable hangouts due to their modern theme and 'happening' atmosphere.

Design Hotels

Distinctive hotels with unique architecture, where the room design is as important as the mattress. Style, along with environmental concerns, are important factors. Design hotels vary by the unique abilities of the people who create them. Artistic expression, functionality, and imagination combine to make the most successful design hotels, and keep guest not only comfortable during their stay, but in a constant state of awe with the hotel designer's creative vision.

All Suite Hotels

A hotel that claims ‘All Suite’ status is expected to have at least one separated bedroom off of the living area. Often these hotels offer mini fridges or kitchenette features.

Architectural Hotels

Architectural hotels flaunt unique design and building achievements through the hotel's design concept. They attract hotel guests who are interested in staying in a place that breaks the mold of building design inside and out.

Artistic Hotels

Artistic hotels are a combination of high-end lodging and a work of art. Guest of artistic hotels get the exhilarating sense they are living in a modern art museum exhibit. These special hotels are the latest combination of artistic expression and new-age lodging.

Avant-Garde Hotels

Avant-Garde hotels are an example of artistic hotels. Hotel designers push the limits of our expectations of what a 'hotel room' can be by creating lodging accommodations in this style. Unusual, quirky, artistic, funky and certainly unique may all aptly describe what an avant-garde hotel can be.

City Hotels

City hotels are more than hotels settled within a city's primary zip code. These hotels reflect the ambiance and character of their cities along with optimal location within the city's boundaries that allow guests easy access to explore.

Classic Hotels

Classic hotels are a throw back to the days when dramatic lobbies, adorned with stunning chandeliers and welcoming décor, were the industry standard. Classic hotels buck the stripped-down, no frills environment of today's mega-chain hotels and serve as relics of what a hotel should be.

Classy Hotels

Classy hotels attract the luxury traveler who expects a refined lodging experience. Visitors expect classy art work, ambiance, and high-end service during their stay.

Comfortable Hotels

It may be easier to define comfortable hotels by what they aren't: squeaky, drafty, and cramped. The traveler who wishes to find a comfortable hotel expects thick walls, a comfortable bed, cleanliness, and a restful environment. Anything less would never be described as 'uncomfortable.'

Conference Hotel

A conference hotel primarily offers amenities for business meeting, banquets, or other special events.

Contemporary Hotels Contemporary hotels reflect the sleek and stylish sect of the 'artistic hotel' family. They boast modern amenities along with a dash of unique artistic inspiration.

Corporate Hotels

Corporate hotels are for the business traveler who requires a seamless transition from the home office to the hotel room. Today, this means a quality workspace, dependable Internet and other technology, along with quick service and sensible accommodations.

Country Hotels

Country hotels are where travelers go to get away. Above all they are quiet and charming. Country hotels can offer a wide range of amenities depending on their price points and location.

Designer Hotels

Designer hotels vary by the unique abilities of the people who create them. Artistic expression, functionality, and imagination combine to make the most successful design hotels, and keep guest not only comfortable during their stay but in a constant state of awe with the hotel designer's creative vision.

Distinctive Hotels

Distinctive hotels are similar to boutique hotels in that they come in several shapes, sizes, quirks, and degrees of funk, yet they stand out in the area of surrounding amenities. Distinctive hotels are not only unique marvels on the inside but are found in highly desirable locations, most often in travel destinations off the beaten path.

Extraordinary Hotels

Extraordinary hotels couldn’t possibly go by any other name. For travelers, these hotels are the destination. There are no limits to what an extraordinary can entail: made of ice or other unthinkable materials; built underground, in a tree, or jutting out into the ocean; featuring triple king sized beds or lavish Jacuzzi features. There are not limits to the extraordinary!

Funky Hotels

Funky hotels feature unique spins on lodging staples. Guests are hit with creative use of color, abstract design and unique furniture in funky hotels.

…who are interested in:

Networking Opportunities

Networking is one of the most valuable benefits of the Boutique Lodging & Lifestyle Association. The BLLA brings together diverse people around the world who share a common interest in the advancement of the boutique and lifestyle sector of the hotel and hospitality industry. Networking opportunities offer suppliers the opportunity to meet potential customers, build their contact base and more.

Networking opportunities include both online and offline venues in all parts of the world. Many of these events are in connection with important lodging conferences and events, which are attended by professionals central to the hospitality industry.

Members will be invited to compete for annual awards and earn recognition for notable accomplishments in the boutique lodging industry. This prestigious acknowledgement will transfer over to the booking engine along with considerable promotion of your property.

Corporate Exposure and Industry Recognition

Complimentary listing in BLLA’s online directory and buyer’s guide accompanies membership to the association. Within this exclusive directory, members can uncover fellow members by various categories, including: name, company name, and both services and products offered by each member property.

New members will be highlighted in optimized  press releases as well as in the news section of the site. Exceptional individuals and companies will be highlighted in an exclusive area on the site and recognized in the electronic newsletter and the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Magazine.

Valuable Discounts

BLLA Members are entitled to special offerings and discounts on everything from conferences and exhibitor space to webinars, seminars, and promotions on the association’s booking engine.

The BLLA will also continuously negotiate exclusive discounts for members on many valuable items, including economies of scale. We recommend checking our discounts page frequently for updates.

BLLA Exclusive Members List and Self Promotion

In addition to the members-only directory, we also suggest you proudly communicate your BLLA membership status on your website. By placing the logo on your website and other collateral, you confirm your commitment to this profound industry association and signal to travelers and industry professionals our admirable values and standards.

Professional and Personal Resources

Behind every great boutique and lifestyle property is a creative and enthusiastic crew that strives to improve the property every day. BLLA is devoted to these people!

We’re here to aid in your mission to make your property the best it can be. Improve your personal and professional skill set and boutique lodging success through:

  • White papers, webinars, guides, educational programs and other promotional ideas and resources
  • Individualized and collaborative marketing strategies and tactical ideas including trade shows, newsletters, publications, websites, co-marketing, cross-marketing, alliances, and brand building and support
  • On and off-line events that serve to give boutique-specific information to BLLA members, and provide networking opportunities, as well as an environment for active brainstorming
  • Logistical and operational support
  • Current design and architecture ideas and support
  • Industry initiatives with our automatic electronic notification system
  • Updated tips and news
  • Business development support and counsel
  • Job listings—both for those seeking positions in the industry, as well as those looking for strong candidates.


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